Girl talk: Interviews with inspiring women: EMILY

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We think you’re such an inspiring woman, and we are so excited to share a little glimpse of your story, so thank you for letting us into your little world today, Emily.

Name, age and star sign

Emily, 24, Capricorn

Where did you grow up?

Adelaide. South Australia

What is your defining passion in life?

Hmm tricky! I really love gathering people and creating opportunities for people to come together – it makes me so happy seeing the ones I love creating memories and just being together, so maybe that!

What would you say is your best trait?

I never rush anything (for better or for worse!)

What’s your worst? (go on, we all have them!)

I’m really really really impatient at restaurants when the food is taking too long to come out (seriously just ask my friends).

Who inspires you?

SO many people! I’m particularly inspired by people who exude fearlessness, who go after their dreams regardless of any pressure/expectations/negativity. I’m lucky enough to have a lot of people like this in my life, but some other key role models are Yayoi Kusuma, SZA and Audrey Hepburn.

How did you learn about skincare and beauty while growing up?

My mother always stressed the importance of a good moisturiser, but apart from that my knowledge and interest in beauty and skincare developed relatively late compared to my friends! She has always been a natural beauty and never was one to cake her face in makeup, so I suppose that had a big influence on the approach I now take to beauty/skincare/makeup etc.

What does beauty mean to you now?

CONFIDENCE. When I think about all of the exceptionally beautiful people I know, it’s always those who are unapologetically themselves, aren’t afraid to let their personalities show, and smile, who shine brightest. I also read a poem recently that I really loved:

There is nothing 

prettier in the 

whole wide world 

than a girl 

in love 

with every breath she takes

– Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild.

Products you can’t live without?

Too Faced Sweet Peach creamy peach oil lip gloss

DHC Groovy Baby body oil  (😉)

LUSH No Drought dry shampoo


Lip balm or gloss?

Glossy balm!

Gold or silver?


Go to emoji?

Cowboy hat always & forever

Spirit animal?


Sweat or stretch?


Favourite crystal?

Moonstone or celestine

Naturally extra or a little something extra? Define your look in less than 5 words

This is so tough, I never know how to explain my own style! I would say “relaxed yet femininely fun” 😂

Oil or moisturiser?


Shower or bath?

Shower – I get bored in a bath!

Quickie skincare ritual or ‘take your time’ skincare?

“Take your time” – it’s the only way I know how! 

Dancing or singing?


Vintage or designer?

Vintage designer 😻

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