Girl talk: Interviews with inspiring women: FREYA

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We think you’re such an inspiring woman, and we are so excited to share a little glimpse of your story, so thank you for letting us into your little world today, Freya.

Name, age and star sign

Freya, 20, Sagittarius Sun

Where did you grow up?

Perth, Western Australia

What is your defining passion in life?

Helping heal the earth and the people on it. 

What would you say is your best trait?

My compassion

What’s your worst? (go on, we all have them!)

Limiting beliefs- feeling like i’m not good enough

Who inspires you?

So many people It would be a mission to list them here! My friends above all are some of my biggest teachers, my mum. Fka Twigs is my biggest inspiration I’d say.. what a vision!

How did you learn about skincare and beauty while growing up?

I used to steal my mums lipstick and put it on! Bright red! I also stole her razor when I was 9 because I got teased for having hairy legs! I think it was my own exploration above anything else. I wanted to use makeup to create art. 

What does beauty mean to you now?

Beauty is natural, to me now- as cliche as it may sound- beauty is a sense of perception. Everything is beautiful if we allow it to be. Just like ourselves- we are beautiful if we allow ourselves to see it

Products you can’t live without?

Zero waste deodorant, vanilla oil, Aloe vera, miracle oil and zero waste shampoo “trichomania”


Lip balm or gloss?


Gold or silver?

Gold baby!

Go to emoji?

🦋 the butterfly hehe

Spirit animal?

Barn owl, monarchs, tiger moths, heaps! I’m very connected with the animal world! 

Sweat or stretch?


Favourite crystal?


Naturally extra or a little something extra? Define your look in less than 5 words

Ethical seventies psychedelic goddess hahah! 

Oil or moisturiser?

Oil for sure

Shower or bath?


Quickie skincare ritual or ‘take your time’ skincare?

“Take your time” treat yourself! If I’m in a rush I just won’t do it! 

Dancing or singing?


Vintage or designer?


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