Girl talk: Interviews with inspiring women: INKA

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We think you’re such an inspiring woman, and we are so excited to share a little glimpse of your story, so thank you for letting us into your little world today, Inka.

Name, age and star sign

Inka Fawn, 31, Gemini sun, Aries moon and rising

Where did you grow up?

In Hong Kong. I was born there and lived there until I was 16, then moved back again, for a few years, in my early twenties. It’s a beautiful, wildly concentrated, bustling city. It’s a massive contrast to the peaceful rainforest I live in now.

What is your defining passion in life?

Spiritual growth. The depths of my passion resides in layers of profound healing and transformation. I want to continue ascending to become my best self.

What would you say is your best trait?

My kind heart and my generosity. My mother was one of the kindest people on earth, I like to think I picked that trait up from her. My father taught me while growing up that to give is to fill your heart with joy. It’s a beautiful thing to be generous. Go give a friend a hug and tell them you love them right now.

What’s your worst? (go on, we all have them!)

I’m extremely impatient. 

Who inspires you?

Any person who is doing the internal work to heal and transform. I’m inspired by the warriors and warrioresses, the ones brave enough who have chosen this path.

What does beauty mean to you now?

To be kind and have integrity, to be generous and honest, to approach things with a gentle, open heart, to never judge, and always come from a place of understanding, compassion, and unconditional love.

Products you can’t live without?

Dollar Hippy Club Miracle Oil, my go to skin healing saviour, and The Clay Cleanser which I use as a deep cleansing face mask too.



Lip balm or gloss?

Balm all the way

Gold or silver?

Gold baby

Go to emoji?


Spirit animal?

Black cockatoo

Sweat or stretch?

Stretching while sweating in the sauna

Favourite crystal?

Ametrine, moonstone, opal, laser quartz

Naturally extra or a little something extra? Define your look in less than 5 words

Natural, sexy, gypsy, jewels.

Oil or moisturiser?

Miracle oil please

Shower or bath?

A luxurious bath with candles and a good book over anything

Quickie skincare ritual or ‘take your time’ skincare?

I’m all about the quickie. I have a simple ritual: dry brush then lather in Miracle Oil.

Dancing or singing?

Singing while dancing

Vintage or designer?


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