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We think you’re such an inspiring woman, and we are so excited to share a little glimpse of your story, so thank you for letting us into your little world today, Shana.

Name, age and star sign

Shana, 24, Aries sun / Leo Moon / Cancer Rising. 

Where did you grow up?

Country/Coastal South Australia.

What is your defining passion in life?

To learn, grow, express and convey through various passions. Life is one ever-changing passion project!

What would you say is your best trait?

My sense of adventure. I’m up for almost anything!

What’s your worst? (go on, we all have them!)

I can be really indecisive.

Who inspires you?

The incredible people that I get to call my friends and family!

How did you learn about skincare and beauty while growing up?

I remember watching my mum make hair and facial masques and approaching makeup with a less is more: look after your skin first and foremost approach. My dad had a very religious witch-hazel toning routine going on too! So I’d say a combination of that and a lot of my own trial and error.

What does beauty mean to you now?

Beauty is good energy! A warm sincere smile. Compassion. The way in which you carry yourself, and how that in turn reflects on the world around you.

Products you can’t live without?

DHC Sea-Weed Saviour Masque and Miracle Oil! A good Vitamin B+ serum and a drop or two of CBD oil added to it when applying.


Lip balm or gloss?

Lip balm.

Gold or silver?


Go to emoji?


Spirit animal?

Help! I can’t decide! Haha.

Sweat or stretch?


Favourite crystal?

Amethyst and Larimar.

Naturally extra or a little something extra? Define your look in less than 5 words

Boho, peasant, chic… My dad described my style as that once, I feel it haha.

Oil or moisturiser?


Shower or bath?

Bath!! Epsom salts, some essential oil a few dashes of DHC Miracle oil. Ooh la la!

Quickie skincare ritual or ‘take your time’ skincare?

Take your time skincare.

Dancing or singing?

Love a good ol’ song and dance combo.

Vintage or designer?

Designer Vintage!

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