We all need a bit of love

Recycling is second-nature to most now and we like it that way, but we’ve been thinking long and hard about how we can recycle even better. And we’ve devised the perfect way we can reduce our waste and environmental impact together.

Here at DHC we’re committed to reducing waste altogether wherever we can. Glass is endlessly recyclable, easy to sterilise and a natural derivative of the environment (all unlike it’s nemesis plastic). But rather than just recycling the glass jars that we send out with to you, we wanted to be able to use them again and again.

Re-love Me is a unique initiative to re-use and efficiently and properly recycle the pretty packaging that we send our products out in. Less waste, less energy consumption and less plastic.

Here’s where you come in. Send us back your empty glass bottles and jars with your full name and email and we will refund you the shipping costs (full refund given in Aus, 50% refund for overseas shipping). All bottle returns to be sent to: RE-LOVE ME, 1A TEVEN STREET, BRUNSWICK HEADS, NSW 2483, Australia

Good for you, good for us and best of all – good for the planet!