The Dollar Diary

Hemp Seed Oil – why you’re going to want this ingredient in your skincare regime.

Let's Get Real About Hemp Seed Oil -  Let’s be real, hemp seed oil in all its antioxidant goodness isn’t going anywhere fast. However, before we start banging on about the glory of this healing oil, we want to clarify one key point. While hemp and cannabis plants are technically the same species, they are [...]

“What is toner anyway?” (we hear you say)

We love a toner (especially a natural one), but we know it's not always something that comes to mind as an essential element of your skincare routine (talk about misunderstood). But for us, it's something we use religiously and and we're here to let you know why (hint: farewell big pores!). Why Toner? It shrinks and [...]

Bit o’ body (and face) love

In our minds, you fall into one of two categories - the incredibly fastidious who hydrates from the forehead to the tips of the toes (we salute you) and everyone else. And by everyone else, we mean those that sometimes neglect everything from the décolletage down.  Our face seems to get all the love, while [...]

Miracle by name, miracle by nature

Yes girl - we are talking about Miracle Oil - the all over dream bae by yours truly. Made lovingly (and scientifically) with hemp seed oil (as well as jasmine and rosemary essential oils and bunch of other things, which you can find here), this little wunderkind is only a year old and is already [...]

Dollar Diary: Welcome to our Universe

Hola Dollar Hippy Club gals and guys! At DHC HQ we are so excited to always bring you the best in au naturel skincare and beauty. Because, really, nature and all the goodness it creates, inspires and innovates is what we have when the sun sets everyday. For our first-timers to the DHC - I’m [...]