It's us! (and we're just like you)

Partners in crime Chrissy & Sean are the founders of the Dollar Hippy Club, circa 2015.

The idea sprouted slowly with roots reaching back to their own experiences and the advice given to friends and family for natural remedies and effective ingredients for skin afflictions and every day use.

Sean has suffered from acute eczema since birth and Chrissy suffered with rosacea for 7 years from the age of 15. With the help of Chrissy and the founding of the Dollar Hippy Club and it’s products; Sean’s eczema is almost cured and Chrissy has been completely rosacea free for the past 6 years. Although the scars from the steroid and pharmaceutical cream use in the past will never leave, these only serve as a reminder to the real danger chemicals can have on the skin.

Founders Chrissy & Sean have always held great respect for the environment, spending much time outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer. This has been reflected in their business ethos and methodology – with the use of no chemicals, and wholly recyclable materials with minimal plastic used. With such great personal results gained with the help of natural homemade remedies, together they are committed to spreading the word of the power of Mother Nature, helping people with their own skin afflictions and trying to create a greener, brighter future and a growing international community that shares these same values and can connect through the Club.

Everyone’s welcome – we’re all in this together.