We make natural and efficacious products for your skin & soul (so you don't have to)

At Dollar Hippy Club we decided to bring beauty back to basics by creating natural, yet efficacious skincare that fits perfectly into your daily routine. 100% Australian made and lovingly put together just for you (and us, because we treat ourselves like that). Each product is a testament to Mother Nature and how well our gal can look after all of us. No need for nasty additives or “we are natural skincare” proclamations that really ain’t so.

Not only do our skincare routines impact our bodies (note: what we put on our skin goes straight to our bloodstream), but they affect our planet too. While skincare is at the heart and soul of everything we do, we also want to spread awareness – love yourself, love your planet. You can rest assured knowing that the premium natural ingredients we use are doing no damage to the Earth.

While ingredients are at the core of what Dollar Hippy Club represents in the natural skincare market, we are also deeply curious and focused on soul care. Within each and every product a crystal is present. Cleansed in salt water and charged by the light of the full moon, each crystal is considered to align perfectly with their given product. Jade for balance can be found in The Cream, clear quartz for purification in the MIracle Oil and moonstone for intuition in the Knot A Care Hair Oil to name just a few. These crystals are intended to power these same properties into your skincare – a little skin and soul care goes a long way. 

In case you haven’t noticed, we are just a little bit obsessed with our Planet Earth. We use sustainable materials – glass, metal, recycled card, hemp fibre and minimal plastic – we prefer materials and ingredients that are biodegradable, healthy and natural*.

We’re bringing you natural skincare that is effective and gentle, perfect for every body, every day.

Join the club.

*We are… natural, biodegradable & sustainable, chemical free, cruelty free, palm oil free, 98% vegan AND we use as many organic and fair trade ingredients as we can get our mitts on.