here at dollar hippy club we care. our ethics and beliefs on equality extend to all living things, each other and the environment. and we think this outlook shows.


we’ve created an all-encompassing skincare brand that caters to a wide audience – ladies, gents and babies, people interested in beauty, those interested in health and wellbeing, vegans and vegetarians and those wanting to live a natural and cruelty free lifestyle or are interested in sustainability.


it’s hard to find products that look nice, work well and deliver results that can claim to be sustainable, natural and superbly beneficial for not only your skin but your mind and soul too. and we don’t just stop at our products – everything we do captures this essence of sustainability and living in line with nature – from our ingredients to our packaging, and our methods to our mindset.

v is for vegan. we try make the majority of our products vegan because we care about the environment and our impact on it. animal products are proven to be cruel, harsh and not sustainable. doesn’t sound like they should line up with anyone’s ethics to be honest. in fact, the only non-vegan products we use are natural + local honey and organic beeswax and our plans for the future include the starting up of new bee hives to help support our fragile bee populations.


never, ever tested on animals. we don’t see why this would be necessary for cosmetics, it’s cruel, costly and ineffective. we are just not built the same as our animal cousins so the effects of our products won’t be the same on them as on us. plus not to mention, our products are 100% natural and chemical free (meaning no need for us to test on anyone but ourselves). our products aren’t going to burn or damage your skin so we don’t need to test them on animals confined in labs. why would you want to use chemicals that had to be tested to prove they wouldn’t do this anyway?


we couldn’t spout about our ethics and moral code without being palm oil free. Trying to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible, we don’t support the use of this habitat destroying oil in our products. food and cosmetics use this oil because it’s cheap and we just think that’s downright stingy, how can we put a price on this earth and it’s inhabitants like that?

not to mention we are handmade with love + always 100% natural.