Bit o’ body (and face) love

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In our minds, you fall into one of two categories – the incredibly fastidious who hydrates from the forehead to the tips of the toes (we salute you) and everyone else. And by everyone else, we mean those that sometimes neglect everything from the décolletage down. 

Our face seems to get all the love, while our body cries out for a little extra hydration.



And sure, the face is the part of the body that
takes on the world with zest and courage every day, but needless to say, the
skin on our bones definitely needs a little TLC too.



It is for this reason that Dollar Hippy Club
crafts products that can be slathered across the whole body. Sure – we have
some skincare that really is just for the face (and some just for the body),
but for those that take a somewhat laissez faire approach to their skincare
routines, we have you covered:

The Miracle Oil:

This little miracle works wonders on the whole body. At DHC HQ we love it so
dearly, we even gave it ‘Product Of The Moment’ status – read more about your
new favourite silky finish, rejuvenating wonder oil right here.







The Cream:

The Cream is The Big Lebowski of the DHC all-over body skincare lineup – it’s
so damn confident in it’s vibe that it has become a bit of an icon in the

The combination of hibiscus, rosehip and shea work tirelessly to boost your natural
collagen production and skin elasticity, while the blend of oils and Aloe
soothe eczema, skin inflictions and scarring. Massage into your cheeks (face
and otherwise) and allow the blend of natural ingredients in The Cream get to

Groovy Baby Body Oil:

The Groovy Baby Body Oil most definitely puts our favourite glasses wearing, velvet
suit donning Englishman to shame. Make like Austen and get your boogie on – the
Groovy Baby Body Oil will leave you feeling silky smooth all over. This little
face/body gem not only promotes skin regeneration and healing, but
simultaneously stimulates serotonin release to help with anxiety. After you
dance the night away, massage this oil into clean, fresh skin, get a good night
sleep and find your inner peace.

Oh, did we mention that the alluring Jasmine is known to act as an aphrodisiac?
Talk about looking, feeling and smelling irresistible. So go on – use on the
face and body (or as a massage oil for bonus points – you can thank us later).

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