Let your skin do the talking with our favourite skincare products to add a little highlight here, and a little sheen there.

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Let’s first preface with this – we absolutely all have days when we want to slip, slop, slap (not with sunscreen), but with foundation. You know those days when you’re just not feeling it – a pimple has popped up here (and there), black circles have formed like a thunderstorm cloud under your eyes and your complexion is as arid as the Sahara. Yeah, one of those days. We all have them and we will all keep having them, because, life.

However, at Dollar Hippy Club we don’t want you to feel like you have to cover everything up to feel good – you’re are exactly as you should be – perfect and unique. That’s why we have developed our favourite no makeup skincare products that add just a little highlight here, and a little sheen there. This will let your skin breathe when the last thing it needs is to be covered up with makeup – illuminate those areas you really want to highlight.

Skin prep.

After cleansing and toning (and if time allows), give the skin some extra love with one of
our soon to launch masques. The new Sea-Weed Saviour Masque is about healing – it’s anti-inflammatory ingredients – seaweed and seabuckthorn – will work to reduce redness, while cucumber will work on soothing and brightening skin and finally hemp seed oil will help to regulate excess oil production, leaving the skin supple. Apply a generous layer to your face. On this occasion, don’t leave the masque on – remove residue after 20 minutes with a warm cloth. At this point, you should be feeling pretty lush… well, at least your skin should. In a final skin prep step, apply your hydration. Supporting the skin with healing ingredients is paramount to a skins overall recovery. Remember what goes on, goes in. Make sure you are feeding your skin (and soul) with nurturing, nourishing and healing products – that also includes plenty of H2O.


The cheekbones –

We are going to let you on a little secret… you know that Power To The Peach fave you
have been applying to your… well, peach? Sometimes we take a little drop from the pipette and dot it along our cheekbones (yes, the cheeks on our face!). Because of our penchant for the au naturel, a small amount of this on the face will cause no harm at all! With it’s added shimmer (derived from natural mineral mica), Power To The Peach proves the perfect highlighter for the apples of your cheeks.



The eyebrow arch & the cupids bow –

You know how you see makeup artists applying a dewiness to the outer ridge of the eyebrow? Well, there is very good reason for this. Once your eyebrows have been defined, creating a light sheen to the outer edge of the eyebrow ridge will make (and fake) a larger, “more awake” gaze. Who doesn’t want that on a Monday morning? So take The Honey Pot and dab gently, with precision along the ridge of your eyebrow (from about the centre to the end of your brow). We also like to dab a small amount to the very inner corners of our eyes, to create a glowing sheen under our eyes. Similarly,
accentuate your pout with The Honey Pot. Dab a small amount of The Honey Pot to the cupids bow – that cute ridge at the top of your lips, right below your nostrils. Again, this will emphasise the lips and give the appearance of fuller, more luscious lips.



Ok so this is perhaps the last thing you might be thinking about – but why not give your lashes and brows a little TLC with our Knot A Care Hair Oil? Take a clean, unused mascara wand and dip it into our Knot A Care Hair Oil, brushing through the lengths of your lashes and across each of your brows. Sounds mighty indulgent doesn’t it? Think how frequently these smaller sections of hair are being washed and hence, being deprived of important, natural oils? Wild eh.

You know we are all about embracing the natural – and that’s not just when you’re buying skincare products. It’s about embracing the naturally wonderful, naturally beautiful you – grey days and all. So go on, flaunt what your mama gave you.


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