Miracle by name, miracle by nature

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Yes girl – we are talking about Miracle Oil – the all over dream bae by yours truly.

Made lovingly (and scientifically) with hemp seed oil (as well as jasmine and rosemary essential oils and bunch of other things, which you can find here), this little wunderkind is only a year old and is already it’s taking the natural skincare category by storm.

No, but seriously, why do you need a little miracle (and a little Miracle Oil) in your life?

Hemp seed oil, obtained by pressing hemp seeds, is renowned for affecting (in a positive way) the immune responses in your body. In all of it’s fatty acid goodness, hemp seed oil has been shown to help with eczema and other skin irritations, including, quite simply – dry skin (oh heey, Winter)!

While people often run for the hills when they hear OIL – because OIL can be scary for people with OILY skin types, the DHC Miracle Oil is light in texture, providing a silk like finish, penetrating swiftly into the skin. While we know it is physically impossible to turn back the clock, this literal Miracle Oil will help to improve signs of ageing that often reflect in the skin’s texture, clarity and elasticity.

While the skin benefits of our Miracle Oil are first and foremost, the blend of essential oils within this product have been perfectly formulated to help with stress reduction and anti-anxiety.

We recommend this product for… well, everybody. However, if eczema and psoriasis are bringing you down and you just want the good times to roll, this little baby is for you.

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