You don’t need as many products as you think you do – in love with multi-use skincare.

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Is it just us, or do you also spend what feels like hours trawling your bathroom cabinet – sifting through what seems like an endless supply of product – in search of your tried, tested and favourite oil/cleanser/toner? It’s amazing what a spring clean – or truly iconic Marie Kondo moment – does for turning up products you purchased many moons ago for your left eye, right elbow or pinky finger. And guess what, now said product is out of date (and probably still full to the brim). We’re here to let you know, that the barely used cream for your upper lip is, in fact, barely used simply because: a) ain’t nobody got time for that, and b) because you know deep down that it is downright unnecessary.

Now don’t get us wrong, there is definitely space and a whole lotta love for some targeted treatments, but we are more thinking… target your whole face, not just your forehead. And if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Why wouldn’t the ingredients that help firm or plump one area of your face, be good for the whole of it? Why wouldn’t the tool that massages and circulates your face be good for your whole body (see our Gua Sha for that one). Well the simple answer is, it would.

That’s why we make our products with that in mind. Our The Cream is the perfect, ultra hydrating moisturiser for your whole body, including your face, with potent ingredients like Hibiscus (nicknamed the botox plant), Shea and Aloe Vera to smother you in love. Our Power To The Peach  gives your bum, (and face/chest/damn near anywhere) the perfect, hydrating shimmer that you so desire. Our The Tonic is amazing in helping to reduce your pores and protecting them all day on your face, but maybe you want a bit of this protection on your chest too. We say go for it! Not to mention, our Knot A Care Hair Oil that stimulates growth, is amazing on the top of your head, as well as your brows and lashes. And of course, our Ash Alchemy soap isn’t just formulated to wash your body, but is gentle and nourishing enough for your face (and any skin type, including those with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne, at that).

The point is, you shouldn’t be worried about giving up on the potency, or the power of ingredients if you are using a product that can be used anywhere on your face or body. In fact, we want to celebrate the fact that our products can and should be used anywhere and everywhere. If we’re honest, we got a bit sick of those teeny tiny bottles that formulas for your left cheekbone come in. Give us the big, bold and beautiful multi-use skincare any day of the week.

Multi-use must haves

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