Hemp Seed Oil – why you’re going to want this ingredient in your skincare regime.

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Let’s Get Real About Hemp Seed Oil – 

Let’s be real, hemp seed oil in all its antioxidant goodness isn’t going anywhere fast. However, before we start banging on about the glory of this healing oil, we want to clarify one key point. While hemp and cannabis plants are technically the same species, they are very different plants to grow and ultimately, their usages differ quite significantly too.

For all you green thumbs out there, we will let you do a deeper dive if you are dying to know more about the similarities and differences of each, however, for our intents and purposes, we are focusing solely on wonder oil, hemp seed oil, and it’s incredible skincare benefits. Because, quite frankly, we can’t get enough of it (and by all accounts and feedback from our clients, you can’t either)!





When you think of hemp, visions of tie-dye donning, peace-loving hippies might quickly come to mind. Being based in Byron Bay, it’s a vision we know and love so very much. However, outside of comfortable, eco-friendly threads, hemp and their seeds is where we want you to let your mind wander. Hemp seed oil is a precious oil very rich in fatty acids which is extracted via the method of cold pressing – the seed is de-shelled and the outer husk removed. This is where science jumps in – the chilling and squeezing of the seed then allows the hemp seed oil to be extracted. Wild, right?



We at Dollar Hippy Club then take that oil and plonk a whole bunch of it in our much loved Miracle Oil. With super high levels of vitamin E, hemp seed oil is known for its antioxidant properties and helping to reduce the harmful effects of UV damage to the skin.




Why We Can’t Get Enough Of It – 

We all know that environmental factors (aircon, pollution from vehicles etc. etc.) play a huge part in the oxidative stress that constantly attacks our skin (dramatic, right?). Oxidative stress is the imbalance of free radicals and wonderful antioxidants in our bodies. By really ramping up the vitamin E, we are better equipping our bodies with the protection necessary for fighting those free radicals. 

While the beauty industry may well be going cray for hemp seed oil, it isn’t without reason. This natural skincare ingredient is potent in anti-aging properties (we’re not talking about turning back the clock, more so preservation of your skin where it currently sits) that we over at DHC HQ just can’t get enough of. 

How We Use It – 

So, once you have given your skin a deep cleanse after a day of being the “goal digger” that you are, spritz a little tonic for skin (and soul) clarification and then apply Miracle Oil to your face (and body) in a generous, but not excessive fashion. If you haven’t quite got your hands on our little green bottle, but are feeling like you need some serious hemp seed oil in your life, now is the time… run, don’t walk!

P.S. If you ever have a VISQ (very important skincare question), slide into our DMs and we will come right back to you. Reach out here.

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