The (hard) truth about a holistic approach to skincare and the real difference it makes

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Sometimes we wish we could compartmentalise all the different little parts of our life in to defined boxes to tackle one thing at a time (a bit like our lovely Virgo friends do). 

However, the reality is there is so much overlap – if we drew it all out it would look like some kind of flow chart from hell. 

And unfortunately, reality is what we are faced with, and that flow chart isn’t going anywhere. It is here that all of those “lifestyle choices” and “environmental factors” start to wreak havoc on our skin. 

It’s easy to have a love / hate relationship with our skin. As the first thing you see on yourself (and others), when it’s not on it’s best behaviour it’s easy for us to feel down about it. 

With that in mind, it’s time to take a step back and look at it from a different skin perspective.

Think of your skin, anywhere on your body, but particularly your face, as a map. Said map is telling you what’s really going on in your body, and in your life. Because whatever is going on in your heart and mind, will also be going on, ON your skin. Your body is a crazy, biological, bonafide miracle, and that living, breathing, moving, cellular structure is more sensitive than you think. We are full of natural chemistry that needs to be aligned and happy to do it’s job in the way it should. And any imbalances in it’s chemistry can throw it off completely. Think: too many chocolates over Easter, too many drinks over Christmas (or the weekend?), too much overtime at work, too little water in the day, too much acidity in our diets or even, too many chemicals in our skincare routine. Everything goes in and our little powerhouse bodies have to work to flush, heal and make us all better again. And sometimes, these levels of toxicity show. 

Often the first signs of what’s going on inside are revealed to us on the outside. Then it is up to us to take note, and make the change that our body is pleading for. Deep down, you know what that change needs to be (oh intuition, how we love, but sometimes ignore, you).

We have a lot of people reach out to us at D.H.C. asking about their own skin situations and although we can’t recommend enough that having the best skincare and ingredients slathered all over your face and body is incredibly important, we always try to stress how important it is to really encompass wellness in to your whole life to make a real difference.

It’s all about addressing the underlying issue. Even if you’ve had a skincare issue for most of your life, there are simple steps you can take to work out what is aggravating your body, and make the changes that you need. Until you do this, skincare, can only do so much!

Here are the steps we recommend along with our range of all-natural skincare:

1. First things first, is it something obvious like your diet or alcohol intake over a frivolous period that has caused a flare up?

2. Do you drink enough water daily (like, actually)?

3. Have you had a big life event occur that has caused a lot of stress or emotional upheaval? And this includes being over-worked, or getting your moon cycle. We highly recommend topping up your magnesium levels that help regulate our thyroid and hormones (including cortisol i.e. stress), see our Magnesium Mist here.

4. What is your diet like? No-one likes to be told what they can and can not eat (spoken as a true Taurus), but this is a biggie. Even if you’ve had a skin affliction since childhood, this step can’t be overlooked. We always recommend experimenting (you scientist, you) with cutting out certain food groups for a few weeks at a time to see any difference being shown in your skin. The main culprits are basically all of the fun, but not necessary, things: dairy, gluten, alcohol and sugar.

So yes – absolutely, 100% – do the right thing by your skin and nurture it through the use of natural skincare, but also – step back and take a minute. Look at everything that is going on. Remember our bodies are little time machines – they remember everything – if you want to glow all year round, work out what’s really causing the issue. 

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