“What is toner anyway?” (we hear you say)

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We love a toner (especially a natural one), but we know it’s not always something that comes to mind as an essential element of your skincare routine (talk about misunderstood). But for us, it’s something we use religiously and and we’re here to let you know why (hint: farewell big pores!).

Why Toner?

It shrinks and cleans your pores. Ok, so first tick. The astringent ingredients and tannins in toner help to reduce pore size while cleaning away dirt, pollution, dust, dead skin cells and oil. Visibly improving the texture of your skin and tightening cell gaps in your skin. Which leads us to our next point – it’s protective of you. Second tick! Our skin is under daily attack from impurities like pollutants, oil, sweat (and sometimes tears – they can be happy or sad tears). A good toner leaves a protective layer on your skin to help block these from being absorbed in to your skin. It balances the PH of your skin (which can get out of whack pretty easily thanks to the aforementioned impurities), and moisturises and refreshes your complexion. As long as the ingredients in a toner are not harsh and heavy (steer clear of alcohol, fragrances or long-winded chemical names or just go with our trusty all natural toner; The Tonic which you can find here) they should moisturise and refresh you while keeping your skin at a happy PH.

How To Incorporate Toner Into Your Regimen?

We know it can be a bit of a pain to add in an extra step to your morning routine, so we made it easy for you. Our toner is 100% natural, gentle and moisturising (with the beautiful rosehip oil and calming chamomile) and SUPER easy to use. Wash your face (cleanse if needed), spray The Tonic and go. That’s it, no cotton balls (no waste), no time (bar the 0.126 seconds it takes to spray), and no worries (knowing your pores are protected, balanced and refreshed).

We got your back,

DHC xx

P.S. If you ever have a VISQ (very important skincare question), slide into our DMs and we will come right back to you. Reach out here.

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